This international meeting is to bring together healthcare professionals around the globe to focus on basic science of soft tissues and fascia; peripheral and central sensitization; risk factors for MPS and FMS; as well as clinical research on preventing and treating chronic muscle pain, based on the best available clinical evidence. MYOPAIN 2017 will also offer several hands-on workshops and satellite courses from some of the World’s foremost experts. MYOPAIN practitioners will be truly spoilt for choice of training options during this congress.

Though research in the field of muscle pain is growing rapidly, most of the theories regarding pathophysiology are still not well explained and debatable. This world congress is aimed to review the current basic science research, mechanisms, laboratory findings supporting the theories, human and animal experiment models, assessment and clinical applications, treatment modalities and prognosis of muscle pain. This aim will be accomplished by exploring and elucidating the mechanisms in muscle pain, various muscle nociceptors and their properties, sensitization at different levels, animal studies and human experimental studies, sequelae in brain due to chronicity, assessment and effective treatment of muscle pain. It would provide a much-needed platform for basic science researchers and practicing clinicians to share the current research about muscle pain, eventually leading to improved clinical outcomes in patients with muscle pain.